KSHP. OMD №8-2017

Published on 27 October 2017
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Vorontsov A. L.

Patterns of the combined process of reduction–mandrelling

Specific provisions on the regularities of the combined reduction-mandreling process are refined. The results of new experiments for a detailed study of the combined reduction-reduction process are presented. Comparison of these results with theoretical predictions is confirmed the high accuracy and reliability of the calculation formulas. The results of analysis allow making a number of new insights that are useful for the successful design of a combined technological process of reduction–mandrelling.
Keywords: reduction; mandrelling; bushing production; plastic deformation; strain.


Izakov I. A., Kapitanenko D. V., Sidorov S. A., Bubnov M. V.

Calculation of the optimal deformation rate for isothermal stamping of titanium alloy blades

A method for determination of appropriate strain rate for isothermal deformation of titanium alloy turbine blades. Dependence of temperature gradient between workpiece and die on permissible isothermal deformation strain rate was studied.
Keywords: deformation; die tooling; isothermal deformation; titanium alloys; turbine blade.


Vasilevsky P. A., Zheleznyak L. M., Borodin M. Yu., Ezhov Yu. A.

Features of production of band profiles for electrical purposes from copper alloys

The ways of achieving high performance characteristics of electrical profiles are shown in the article. For copper rectangular semi-solid tires are received simplifying the determination of в and improving the accuracy of surface quality evaluation after the bending test as a criterion for grain size. Hardness increase, camber reduction and absence of protrusions and scratches on the profile are get for copper-cadmium collector wedge-shaped (trapezoidal) strips. In its turn increase of electrical conductivity and stability of mechanic properties are presented for copper-silver collector strips. The article concisely presents the main stages of the work and the results obtained.
Keywords: electrotechnical profiles; copper rectangular tires; copper-cadmium and copper-silver collector wedge-shaped strips; improving the quality and reducing the labor intensity of production; optimization of the chemical composition of a copper-silver alloy.

Ivanov Yu. V., Dementiev V. B.

Investigation of gas-dynamic flows in air distributors in control systems of press-forging equipment

The realized designs of noise silencers for air distributors in control systems of press-forging equipment are considered. Efficiency of the device is reached due to a rational choice of a combination of parameters of chambers of the muffler providing decrease of speed of a gas jet on an output.
Keywords: silencer; an acoustic path; air distributor; press-forging equipment.


Lekhov O. S., Mikhalev A. V., Shevelev M. M., Tuev M. Yu., Bilalov D. Kh.

Simulation of the combined process of continuous casting and deformation in the production of steel sheets for welded pipes

This article describes the installation of combined continuous casting and deformation for obtaining the plates of steel for welded pipes. Simulation results for combined continuous casting and deformation for obtaining the plates of steel 09G2S for welded pipes.
Keywords: installation; combined process; welded pipe; modeling; finite element method; stress; strain.


Tipalin S. A., Kuchkovsky Yu. P., Saprykin B. Yu., Tipalina A.V.

Investigation of deformation process of bimetal using the software complex AUTOFORM

During research numerical computer modeling of extract process of an axisymmetric detail from bimetallic material (steel–an aluminum alloy) is carried out. The data on features of deformation of each layer in dependence of his arrangement concerning the tool are obtained. By the results of computer modeling the conclusion of feature of replacement single-layer steel sheet on multilayered bimetal (steel–aluminum) has been drawn.
Keywords: bimetal; axisymmetric extract; plastic deformation; computer modeling; steel and aluminum layers.


Nigmatullin R. G., Hamidullin R. G., Migranov M. Sh., Salakhov T. Z., Peletskiy S. S.

Improving the efficiency of engineering equipment based on current diagnostic by innovative device

The possibility of improving the efficiency of the equipment by periodic analysis of the lubricant used is considered. The possibilities of a device for the express-analysis of lubricants are estimated. The economic effect of diagnostics by the analysis of lubricants is calculated.
Keywords: the innovative device; deterioration; friction; the analysis of lubricants; the trading analysis.


Strugov S. S., Zonov V. L., Ivanov V. A.

А strategic analysis of the possibility of creating small innovative enterprise for the production of pipe fittings

The article describes the classification of pipe fittings market, in particular pipe reducers and the possibility of deploying stamping technology combined method «reduction-upset» eccentric pipe reducers. Also presented PEST- and the SWOT-analysis for the enterprise business planning, engaged in the production of pipe fittings.

Keywords: pipe fittings; eccentric pipe reducers; reduction-upset; PEST-analysis; SWOT-analysis.