KSHP. OMD №5-2019

Published on 03 August 2019
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A. L. Vorontsov, E. O. Reshchikov (The Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow)

Investigation of internal radial extrusion of a pipe blank.
Part 5. Methods of calculating the technological parameters of extrusion of products with the same radius of the upper and lower parts

Set out scientifically-based methods for calculating the main technological parameters of the internal radial extrusion tube billet in order to obtain products with the same radius of the upper and lower parts. All the formulas needed to determine the strength of the process, the maximum stresses acting on the various forming elements of the stamp, determining the accumulated deformations at any points of the resulting product, as well as taking into account the strengthening of the extruded material are given.
Keywords: volumetric stamping; radial extrusion; strain; deformations; pipe blank.


V. N. Chudin, A. A. Pasynkov (Tula State University, Tula)

Extrusion of marginal thickenings with non-stationary viscoplastic deformation

A flow chart and relationships are proposed for calculating the process of extrusion of the marginal thickening on the parts when the deformation zone is heated. The non-stationary stage of the process is considered. The material of the blank is adopted viscoplastic with an axisymmetric strain pattern. The kinematics of the process is established using a discontinuous field of displacement velocities. The upper-boundary plasticity theorem and the equations of the kinetics of material damage are used. The results of calculations are presented and product samples are presented.
Keywords: kinematics; creep; power; pressure; speed; damageability.


S. A. Bogatyryav (Saratov State agrarian university named after N. I. Vavilov, Saratov)

Analysis of the stressed-deformed state and determine the energy-power characteristics of the process of hot sinking of thick-walled hobs

In the process of hot volume precipitation of long-length hobs it is important to know the possible changes in the stress-strain state of the parts and the energy-power characteristics of the process at various stages of the forging formation. The results of theoretical studies are crucial when choosing the optimal power characteristics of forging equipment.
Keywords: hot sinking; plastic deformation; long hob; stamp; stress state; strain force.


A. N. Legkikh, R. O. Vakhromov, A. Yu. Gradoboev, E. S. Shitova, A. O. Ivanova (LLC «Light Material and Technology Institute» (LMTI), Moscow )

Development of the modes of ignot forging from aluminum-scandium alloy using a destruction criteria

The article reveals a modern approach to the development of modes for forging ingots of aluminum-scandium alloys using mathematical modeling in the QForm-3D program and the criterion of the destruction of Cockroft–Latham. Recommendations are given on the choice of modes for forging ingots of Al-Sc alloys.
Keywords: forging aluminum ingots; aluminum-scandium alloy; Cochraft–Latama criterion; forging mode; torsion test; hot plasticity.


S. I. Feoktistov, Zho Zayar So (Komsomolsk-na-Amure State University, Komsomolsk-on-Amur)

Determination of the limiting drawing ratio of titanium and aluminum alloys by FLD-diagrams

The paper describes a method which has been developed for obtaining the limiting drawing ratio of titanium and aluminum alloys and determines the moment of failure of the work piece. This method is based on not only the use of Forming Limit Diagram (FLD) in predicting the failure of the blank, but also the using method of variable parameters of elasticity in determining the stress-strain state in deep drawing process.
Keywords: limiting deep drawing ratio; FLD-diagram; forming limit diagram; energy and kinematic deformation criteria; method of variable parameters of elasticity.


A. A. Maslov, A. V. Maslov, V. Ya. Gubarev, V. D. Korshikov (Lipetsk State Technical University, Lipetsk), I. M. Mochalin (Bekart-Lipetsk LLC, Lipetsk)

Calculation of friction coefficient while wire drawing in multipass drawing machine

This article contains method of calculation of friction coefficient for each pass of multi-pass wire drawing machine.
Keywords: wire drawing; friction coefficient; drawing speed.


Yu. N. Loginov, D. O. Sobolev (The Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin, Ekateriburg)

Modeling straightening of an aluminum alloy plate

The results of finite element simulation in the ABAQUS software module of stretching of an aluminum alloy plate are presented. The components of the displacement vector and strain and stress tensor are calculated. The conclusion is made about the impact on the distribution of deformation stress of the initial strip form.
Keywords: straightening; stretching; aluminum alloy; finite element method; ABAQUS software module.