KSHP. OMD №11-2021

Published on 22 December 2021
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I. V. Belikov, E. V. Lemeshko (Karaganda Technical University, Karaganda, Kazakhstan)

Increasing the durability of machine parts by hardening processing

The creation of machines and the mechanization of production in the 18th century were the greatest achievements of mankind in this industry. However, the enthusiasm for the discoveries of Henry Maudsley was soon replaced by the need to solve one of the main applied problems of mechanical engineering, associated with increasing the reliability and durability of the machines. That is why the issues related to increasing the durability of parts can be considered deployed in time and do not lose their relevance today. However, it should be borne in mind that today there is a fairly large selection of technological ways to solve this problem, one of which is the hardening treatment of the surface of machine parts. Proceeding from this, the study and technological characteristics of the parameters of the surface layer, describing the operational properties, are determined by the author as the purpose of this article.
Keywords: durability; strength; wear resistance; loading; voltage; fatigue; surface plastic deformation; finishing and hardening treatment.


S. N. Larin, V. I. Platonov, Yu. V. Bessmertnaya (Tula State University, Tula)

Assessment of the influence of the profile of the lead-in part of the matrices on the stress intensity and deformations during drawing of an isotropic square billet

The article presents the results of studies of the process of drawing a square billet from a thin sheet material into a matrix with a profile run. Various options for the geometry of the lead-in parts of the matrix are considered. The use of such a tool should provide a more uniform geometry of the products at the exit. In the article, in particular, the influence of the geometry and the location of the workpiece on the matrix mirror on the stress intensity and deformation intensity is established.
Keywords: drawing; matrix; profile entry; shaping; stresses; deformations.


I. D. Konusov, A. A. Saprykin (Novosibirsk State Technical University, Novosibirsk)

Researching of a load electric drive for dynamic testing of electromechanical power steering

Mathematical models based on the use of well-known and well-studied calculation methods are presented, such as vector control of an electric drive using electric machines with magnetoelectric excitation, which, at a given value of the torque on the shaft, have the least moment of inertia and, accordingly, provide high dynamic indicators of electric drives operating as part of multi-mass systems with elastic connections. Also, one of the methods for calculating controllers based on the principle of separation of motion was presented. The result of the work performed is the study of the developed mathematical model for controlling a load electric drive in the MATLAB Simulink software.
Keywords: electric drive; power steering; research stand; vector control; synthesis of regulators; motion separation method; dynamic modes; simulation in Simulink.


Vaitsekhovich S. M., Murtazin D. A. (FSUE «NPO «Technomash» named after S. A. Afanasyev, Moscow) Vdovin S. I. («Avtoplast» Orel GTU, Orel)

Plastic bending and torsion for cold monotonous pipe bending

Schemes of technological bending of a pipe with the application of a torque accepted unchanged in the deformation zone are considered. An engineering method for calculating process parameters in finite increments of deformations for monotonous pipe bending is proposed.
Keywords: monotonous bending; bending by winding on the copier and pushing through the rollers; torsion movement; rotation of the neutral line; relative elongation of the material fiber.


G. V. Shimov, N. I. Bushueva, D. S. Kovin (Ural Federal University named after the First President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin, Ekaterinburg)

Die forging of precipitation hardening alloys

A simulation of hot die forging billets from precipitation-hardening alloy 36NHTU (EI-702) was made. The distribution of the deformation over the cross section parts was found. The influence of the microstructure on the properties of iron-nickel alloys was investigated.
Keywords: computer simulation; precipitation-hardening alloy; Fe-Ni alloys; 36NHTU; EI-702; microstructure; die forging.


Yu. V. Zabaykin, M. F. Kharlamov (Sergo Ordzhonikidzе Russian State University of Geological Prospecting, Moscow)

Formation of data science management mechanisms in the work of metallurgical enterprises

Metallurgical enterprises are complex economic systems, the functioning of which depends on many conditions. In this regard, an analysis of the relationships between indicators of various functional subsystems of metallurgical enterprises was carried out to identify reserves for improving the financial results of their activities.
Keywords: data; analysis; management; enterprise; industry.


M. E. Dmitriev, V. B. Krapil' (Center of Public Policy and Public Management of the Institute of Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Civil Service of the President of Russian Federation, Moscow)

Problems of strategic planning institutions in industrial enterprises

This article attempts to analyze the development of strategic planning institutions, assess the main changes that occurred in 2020, their causes and possible consequences. The article takes into account the results of our recent studies on the assessment of the implementation of national projects and their expected changes in connection with the course adjustments that have occurred.
Keywords: strategic planning; national goals; development goals; development institutions; national projects.