KSHP. OMD №6-2021

Published on 21 August 2021
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CONTENTS № 6–2021


Vorontsov A. L., Lebedeva D. A. The study of combined extrusion of tumblers with the co-bottom part. Part 13. Methodology for calculating technological parameters of constrained extrusion at initial deformation by bending, p. 3–11

Glushkov S. P., Pudovkin Yu. A. Design and verification calculations of the vibration isolation mechanism of a pneumatic riveting hammer with stiffness compensation of the main elastic element, p. 11–20


Ustinova Ya. V., Koptev V. Yu., Kruk M. N. Mechanical properties of potassium-containing ore as a factor in the choice of the material processing method, p. 21–30


Kicha E. I., Kicha M. A., Malovik D. S., Mikhailenko V. S. Application of multi-factor analysis to forecast industrial emissions and their consequences, p. 31–36

Kuznetsov V. S., Smirnov Yu. D., Korelsky D. S., Shamaitis A. S. Substantiation of the structure of intelligent measuring systems for environmental monitoring in the Internet of things, p. 37–48