KSHP. OMD №5-2020

Published on 24 July 2020
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A. L. Vorontsov, D. A. Lebedeva (The Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow)

The study of combined extrusion of tumblers with the co-bottom part.
Part 6. Kinematic and stress state of the plastic region in contact with the conical surface of the matrix

To extrude tumblers with the co-bottom part, the kinematic and stress state of the extruded metal in the area of the plastic deformation zone in contact with the conical surface of the matrix is determined with the use of the A. L. Vorontsov method of plastic flow. The results are combined with the results obtained previously for the cylindrical region located under the forming wall of the tumbler. The resulting formulas will be used to determine the stress state in the areas of the source located under the end of the punch. The derived formula for the maximum pressure on the matrix wall is necessary for calculating the matrix for strength and making an informed decision about the need for banding.

Keywords: volume stamping; tumblers with the co-bottom; combined extrusion; voltage; deformation.


A. E. Tsibulko, E. A. Romanenko (PJSC «NKZM», Kramatorsk, Ukraine)

A new variant of the energy criterion of strength

A new variant of the energy criterion of strength based on the maximum component of the specific potential strain energy is proposed.

Keywords: strength; voltage is the main thing; equivalent voltage; specific potential strain energy; ball tensor


V. V. Karzhavin, A. V. Nezamaev (Ural Federal University named after the First President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin, Ekaterinburg)

Emergency modes of deformation in the manufacture of products by deep drawing

The conditions of deformation under which it is impossible to obtain high-quality products by the method of sheet metal stamping by deep drawing are generalized to the concept of «Emergency modes of deformation». Their classification is compiled and a brief description is given. Based on the proposed classification, it is planned to carry out further studies aimed at improving the stability of the production process.
Keywords: deep drawing; destruction; loss of stability; friction; defects; product quality.


V. R. Edigarov (Omsk Automobile Armored Engineering Institute, Omsk)

Electromechanical processing of the surface layer of a detail for coating

Variants of the technology for preparing the surface of a detail by electromechanical treatment for coating with the creation of a modified surface layer with a regular relief are considered in order to increase the coefficient of adhesion of the coating to the surface of the detail
Keywords: coating; adhesion coefficient; electromechanical upsetting and smoothing.


D. V. Prokhorov, V. P. Korzhov (Institute of Solid State Physics (IFTT RAS), Chernogolovka)

The effect of titanium on the structure and mechanical properties of a layered composite based on a niobium alloy hardened by aluminum intermetallic compounds

The structure and strength characteristics of layered composites of niobium alloys prepared by diffusion welding under pressure are studied. It is found that titanium had a strong influence on the formation of the microstructure and the strength of composites. Higher values of short-term strength and crack resistance are demonstrated by layered composites with a lower titanium content.
Keywords: layered composite; intermetallic compound; niobium aluminides; diffusion welding; multilayer structure; strength.


E. P. Dryagun, O. A. Belan, E. V. Yurkova (OJSC «MMK-METIZ», Magnitogorsk); A. K. Belan (Magnitogorsk State Technical University, Magnitogorsk)

The design of dies for transverse extrusion in various operations of cold forming

The article presents the design of transverse extrusion dies used for various cold forming operations. Design features and the principle of their work are considered. Examples of manufacturing fasteners of various designs for which transverse extrusion is applied are given.
Keywords: transverse extrusion; stamp; fasteners; technology; design; equipment; volume stamping; formation scheme; punch; the matrix.


A. I. Pasechny (Metallurgical Plant «Elektrostal» JSC, Elektrostal)

Mastering, achievements and prospects for the development of metal production on a hydraulic press with a force of 16 MN under the conditions of Metallurgical Plant «Elektrostal» JSC

The article is devoted to the review of changes caused by large-scale modernization at Metallurgical Plant «Elektrostal» JSC. Advantages are described after installation of a hydraulic forging press complex of 16 MN by SMSMeer. The stages of its development are given, as well as possible ways of its use are outlined.
Keywords: hydraulic press; production; modernization; tasks; technology; prospects.


A. V. Kornilova (Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, CJSC «Prochnost’», Moscow)

History of Copper Processing in Southeast Turkey

The article tells about the history of the development of copper plastic processing technologies in Southeast Turkey from the Middle Ages to the present day.
Keywords: copper; cold forging; hot forging.