KSHP. OMD №9-2020

Published on 15 October 2020
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L. B. Aksenov, S. N. Kunkin (Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Saint Petersburg)

History of development of the Department «Machines and technology of metal forming» of Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University

The article presents the various historical stages of the development of the department from its inception in 1930 to the present. The scientific directions developed by the staff of the department in different periods are indicated. Particular attention is paid to the period of the most active and productive work of the team (1964–1988), when K. N. Bogoyavlensky was the head of the department.
Keywords: department; metal forming; research areas.


I. S. Aliev (Donbass State Engineering Academy, Kramatorsk, Ukraine), K. D. Makhmudov (Daghestan State Technical University), G. A. Gamzatov («Aviaagregat» OJSC), K. Krueger (Technical University of Dresden, Dresden)

Improvement of precision volume forming processes by extrusion

The article discusses some issues of research and improvement of the processes of precision volumetric stamping by extrusion, begun under the guidance of professor K.N. Bogojavlenskiy and continued in the work of scientific schools of his students. The methods possibilities in transverse radial and combined transverse-longitudinal extrusions, methods and means for measuring the forces of plastic contact friction, as well as the results of the study of force parameters, the shape change of billets and deformability of the metal in extrusion processes, including those with several degrees of freedom flow metal have been defined.
Keywords: stamping; extrusion; power mode; deformability; shape change of billets; measurement of friction forces.


X. S. Arsentyeva, V. S. Mamutov (Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Saint Petersburg)

Electrohydraulic sheet metal drawing with the intensification of workpiece flange flowing

In the article a new technology of an intensified electro-hydraulic thin sheet metal drawing is presented. The main differences from the traditional electro-hydraulic sheet metal drawing consist in replacing of the fixed holder with an inertial smoothing device and in the creation of an increased gap between the forming die and the fixing element. The proposed technological scheme is characterized by simplicity of design and implementation in comparison with existing analogues.
Keywords: impulse drawing; thin sheet metal; finite-element software LS-DYNA; wrinkling; intensification.


V. N. Kokorin (Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Ulyanovsk); A. V. Kokorin (JSC «Ulyanovsk Instrument Design Bureau», Ulyanovsk)

Processes and technology for intensive compaction of iron-based powders in the implementation of localized shear

The analysis of the process of compaction of heterophase mechanical systems is carried out. It was established that the tangential component of the deformation determines the shear rate and, as a consequence, the compaction of powder metals. The geometric relationships of products that are subjected to intense compaction are presented.
Keywords: heterophase mechanical mixture; compaction; localized shear; mold.


P. A. Kuznetsov, A. V. Gotsiridze, R. V. Kuznetsov, I. D. Karachevtsev (Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Saint Petersburg)

Elastostatic pressing of shaped blanks and products from powder materials

Researches and development of elastostatic pressing process of powder materials meant for production as a precise profiled ingots for subsequent pressure treatment, as a finished parts are represented. Being a variant of isostatic pressing, elastostatic pressing has advantages of liquid media, but combining with solid elements of press-forms allows getting compacts with high quality of surface and precision. It is illustrated that for production of sintered parts with high density and complex form it could be effectively apply subsequent local pressure treatment, for example cold face rolling.
Keywords: powder sintered materials; pressing by liquid media; elastostatic pressing; press-forms; forging; extrusion; rolling.